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Terms of use


These Terms of Use ("Terms") govern the use of the services offered by Aventura Design by Subscription, a company duly registered under the corporate name Leandro Alves de Sousa ME, registered with the CNPJ under number 33.344.374/0001-83, with headquarters in the Federative Republic of Brazil ("Aventura"). By using Aventura services, you ("Customer") agree to these Terms.


1. One Order at a Time

1.1 The Client may assemble an unlimited queue of projects, however, Aventura undertakes to execute the projects sequentially, one at a time.

1.2 During the creation and approval phase of a project, Aventura will not start another project.

1.3 The Customer must respect this process and organize itself to ensure that deliveries occur according to the established flow.

2. Unlimited Logos

The Customer may request unlimited logos within the scope of the contracted service.


3. Average Delivery in 48 Hours

3.1 Most projects will be delivered within 48 hours on average.

3.2 More complex projects may take longer, and in these cases, the Client will be duly informed in advance.


4. Unlimited Users

The Customer can include as many users as desired to carry out management, queue management and inclusion of new projects, as well as their approval.


5. Unlimited Photo and Video Bank

A bank of images and videos is included in the Client's monthly package.


6. Cancellation and Pause

6.1 Cancellation:
6.1.1 The Customer or Aventura may cancel the subscription at any time, in accordance with Brazilian laws.

6.1.2 In the event of cancellation by the Client during the execution of a project, Aventura will not be obliged to complete the remaining projects in the queue.


6.2 Use of Remaining Balance After Cancellation:
6.2.1 If the Customer has days remaining after cancellation, they may use them, respecting the deadline for one order at a time, in accordance with applicable laws.

6.2.2 It will not be possible to accelerate projects in the queue. If the remaining time is not enough to execute the projects, they will not be carried out.


7. Pause

The Customer may pause the subscription once per billing cycle, in accordance with the relevant legal provisions.


8. Intellectual Property

8.1 Projects developed by Aventura Design by Subscription will be the property of the contracting Clients, as established by Brazilian copyright laws.


9. Service and Deliveries

Customer service and project deliveries occur from Monday to Friday, during business hours in the UTC-3 time zone, according to Brasília Time, in compliance with current legal regulations.


10. Liability and Reservation of Rights

10.1 Aventura reserves the right to refuse any project that violates applicable laws, copyrights or that it considers inappropriate, in accordance with Brazilian legislation.

10.2 Aventura will not be responsible for any damage, loss or loss arising from the use or inability to use its services, in accordance with national legislation.

10.3 Aventura does not guarantee that its services will be free from interruptions or errors, in accordance with current legislation.


11. Modifications to the Terms

Aventura reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time, notifying Customers in accordance with applicable legal regulations. Continued use of the Services after the Terms are modified constitutes acceptance of the changes


12. Election Forum

These Terms of Use are governed by the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil. To resolve any disputes arising from this contract, the jurisdiction of the District of São Paulo, SP, is elected, to the exclusion of any other, however privileged it may be, in accordance with the country's legal regulations.

For any questions or concerns related to these Terms of Use, please contact Aventura Design por Subscription.


Aventura Design by Subscription Contact:

Leandro Alves de Sousa ME
CNPJ: 33.344.374/0001-83
Telephone:+1 (386) 243-7906

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